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Our targeted training courses help you optimize your NetSolutions set up and daily workflows so you can increase
your efficiency and get your time back.

Designed for Busy Schedules

Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Short lessons help you learn all of NetSolutions’ user-definable configuration options and operate more efficiently in just minutes.

Save Time on Training

No more one-on-one system walkthroughs with individual team members. Whether you’re new or you’ve been at your facility for years, training just got a whole lot easier.

Lead Your Team to Success

Get everyone on track. Take control of your workflows, optimize your team’s processes, and earn certifications to get the recognition you deserve.


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How Can NetSolutions’ Training Courses Help You?

Simplify Your Daily Tasks

Nurses said they felt better equipped to tackle their daily tasks after completing a course.

Save Time

Cut down the time needed for your daily tasks by learning how to configure and simplify your software use.

Take The Lead

Long-term care workers are more prepared to take on a leadership role at their facility after completing our courses.


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